Edvard Munch's Studios at Ekely

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Stiftelsen Edvard Munchs Atelier  Org.nr.: 963 145 853  Jarlsborgveien 14, N-0379 Oslo

Kontaktperson: Sonja Wiik Tel: +47 97005401  E-post: sonjawi(at)online.no


Stiftelsen Edvard Munch's Studios is a private foundation whose object is to preserve Edvard Munch's Studios at Ekely in Oslo as a national cultural monument, ensure that the studios are used as a place to work for visual artists, and to manage and develop the property for the purpose of promoting the interest in and knowledge about visual art for the benefit of both artists and the public. The studios' connection with Munch shall be visualised, and the idea is to offer the studios to visitors who are especially interested in Munch, e.g. by letting them as guest studios.




• Chairman: Hans Henrik Klouman

• Marianne Blankenberg representing the artists who live at Ekely

• Ole Rikard Høisæther representing the Society for the Benefit of the City of Oslo

• Mathias Junker Gran representing the Munch Museum

• Jürgen Kiehl representing The Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments







Edvard Munch c 1892

The Munch Museum’s photoarchiv

The foundation Edvard Munch's Studio

The board of governors of the Foundation is composed of:

Edvard Munch on his 75th birthday. Photo: Væring - The Munch Museum’s photo archives (Crop from original photo)